TERRIFIC Birthday Party Kitchen Project!

This has to be one of the funnest, bestest, greatest birthday party activities I have ever seen!

Take 10 kids, stick them in the kitchen whipped up with high doses of sugar and birthday party excitement and sharp knives (and careful instructions) and what do you get?

CANDY SUSHI!!!  It looks wonderful and so imaginitive.  I wish I could think up things like this on my own, but alas, I was given the good looks and the big genes in the family and not the creative ones.

Have a look at Candy Sushi!

1 Bento Box for me, please!

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Don’t marry him unless he loses weight

Yup. That’s what she said. Nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Who said that? My wife’s close friend and roommate going all the way back to college.
Well, former close friend. Now a distant friend.

Guess what? One size never fits all! One of her kids is fat, fat, fat. Maybe she ought not feed her until she loses some weight, huh.

C’mon it’s funny! Laugh!

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When little kids call you fat

“Uncle Fatty.”

That’s what a friend’s son called me: “Uncle Fatty.” Not once, but five or six times. He kept saying it over and over and laughing as his parents tried desperately to shut him up.

I wasn’t really embarrassed about it at all. His parents are good friends (I’m pertty sure they know I’m big) and the boy was innocent. The parents were embarrassed; I laughed about it. It wasn’t the first nor the last time a young child had made an observation about my size, and I’m sure it will happen again.

I once had done the very same thing…

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Do dogs have memories?

What do you think, do dogs have memories like we do?

See Welcome home soldier, welcome home.

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Google releases Beta of Google Chrome Browser

Google releases Beta of Google Chrome Browser!
See all about it here!

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oes.org gets a mention on The Cookie Sheet blog!

Cookie Sunshine mentioned oes.org in her blog. Her Einstein passed some time ago, but she had a dream…

I had commented in her blog about her OES Einstein (Steiny) .

She even created a button linking to oes.org. How sweet is that??

In addition to all of her obvious talents, Cookie may very well be the busiest woman in the world! I was saddened to read that Cookie’s mom is having a bit of a rough go at the moment.
I hope Mom heals up and gets rid of that pain, Cookie.
Thanks for the Button!

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Tammy saves an Old English Sheepdog

I just read a sotry about how Tammy saved an Old English Sheepdog on I-75 in Kentucky, and I just wanted to say “Thanks”.  I figured this post was a good place to start.

Thanks Tammy!

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Blogs! I don’t know what’s wrong with these blogs today!

I have been having a discussion about the relative merits of blogs vs. wikis over the last few months.  Nothing in depth, just comments like “I don’t get what makes wikis so revolutionary.” and retorts like “Because it’s a format where people can edit each other’s text, and changes are logged and tracked and reversible.  It’s like a forum where everyone is a moderator.”

For some reason, this song leapt into my head tonight. It’s perfect!
Sung to the tune of “Kids!” from “Bye Bye Birdie.”

Blogs! I don’t know what’s wrong with these Blogs today.
Blogs! Who can understand anything they say?
Blogs, they are disobedient, disrespectful oafs.
Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy loafers!
And while we’re on the subject- 

Blogs! You can talk and talk till your face is blue.
Blogs! But they still do just what they want to do.
Why can’t they be like Wikis, perfect in every way?
What’s the matter with Blogs today?

  Enjoy your own small bits of humor.  After all, One Size Never Fits All.

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Sorry, we don’t carry anything your size

Chess King Clothing labelOne of my first embarrassments due to my size came somewhere around the age of 18 or 20.  I went into a “Chess King” clothing store, and asked if they had a certain type of pants, and where are they.  The saleslady looked at me and asked “What size?” and I replied “38”.

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “We don’t carry anything your size.” 


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Welcome to One Size Never Fits All

“One Size Never Fits All.”

My whole life has been run by this sentence. I am six foot three inches tall. That’s not super tall by any stretch of the imagination, but it is quite tall enough, thank you. My dad is (was?) six foot six inches tall. Now THAT is getting up there. Given the fact that he was born in 1925 makes it much more remarkable; people just weren’t that tall back then.

Thing is I sit just as tall as my dad. Back when he was straighter, if we sat in a car next to each other you’d see we have the same amount (lack) of headroom. Now I sit taller than he does for a number of reasons. More on that later.

I always wanted to write a book and call it “One Size Never Fits All.” I talked and joked about that with everyone I knew for nearly a decade and then…. John Madden wrote a book by a very similar title: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: And Other Thoughts for the Road. That took the wind out of my sails a bit. I read his book, and it didn’t much revolve around the title, so I think I’m still good to go. Besides, I think I read somewhere that book titles aren’t exclusive. I still have that dream, and now you are a part of it. Welcome to “One Size Never Fits All.”

Clearly this is much more informal than a book, but perhaps this is the perfect format for my dream! Not only will I be able to share my life’s experiences as a big guy with the world, but the world will be able to share back with me. I think this could be much more rewarding.

Come along and laugh with me, but please — do it your own way. After all, One Size Never Fits All.

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